River Water Action Camp 2019

River Water Action Camp

June 19-22, 2019

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Rising 9th Graders, Expedition Rangers, Commanders, and Dads

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Base Camp – Greenville First Assembly

Professionally guided, 7 hr. trip on the Chattooga River


Expert instruction with 4-6 hrs. on South Carolina River

Worship, Fun & Fellowship

All meals and housing provided

Cost – $195 ($100 due by May 19)

For Information Contact:

Troy Brown




POW WOW 2019



May 17th – 19th, 2019
River Oaks Retreat Center

Pow Wow Theme

“Treasure Island”

SC Royal Rangers, adventurers, explorers, thrill seekers, etc. etc…

Pow Wow 2019 is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to break out the tents, hiking boots, treasure maps, and warmup the boats! (At the current rate of rainfall, you may need a boat to get to River Oaks!!!)

Join us for a Spirit filled weekend full of games, water sports, evening worship, and of course nightly pageants presented by our Possum Kingdom playhouse! This year’s theme will be centered around a cast of unsuspecting travelers who embark on a harmless 3 hour boat tour, but they get shipwrecked and end up stranded on the Tropical Island known as Possum Kingdom. As they try to find their way off the island they will stumble upon a lost treasure. They discover that “treasure” can mean different things to different people, and some treasures are more important than others. What treasure are you chasing in YOUR daily life? The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:21 that “Where your Treasure is, there will your heart be also.” So bring your shovels, backpacks, compasses, and whatever else you’ll need, as we try to unearth a real treasure and self examine our hearts and lives! It all happens at River Oaks Retreat Center aka Possum Kingdom, May 17-19.

“Treasure Island” Matthew 6:21

Your crazy Captain,

Jesse Tarver


Pow Wow Events (PDF)
Pow Wow Schedule (PDF)
River Oaks Retreat Center Liability Release Form
Outpost Score Sheet (includes Standard requirements)
Volunteer Recruitment Tool
Volunteer Recruitment Tool
Registration (Word)
Registration (PDF)
Service Patrol (Word)
Service Patrol (PDF)
Volunteers (Word)
Volunteers (PDF)
Rules & Regulations (Pow Wow Packet)
Pastors Authorization For Adult Workers (Word)
Pastors Authorization For Adult Workers (PDF)
Medical Form – Leader
Medical Form – Ranger
Event Village Request
Tug Of War Weigh-In Sheet

2019 District Ranger Derby Results

2019 South Carolina Royal Rangers District Derby Results

The new 6 lane aluminum track made its debut at the 33rd annual South Carolina Royal Ranger District Derby Race.  By all accounts it was a great addition to our annual derby.  We had 67 competitors this year which was down a bit from last year, but we completed racing and the trophy presentation in just over an hour and a half.  All indications are the derby was a great success enjoyed by all who were in attendance.  If you missed it make sure you are in attendance for a special 2020 race event with others in our region.

Ranger Kids

  • 1st Place – Parker Bourhill Avg Time 3.0698
  • 2nd Place – John Grenga Avg Time 3.1175
  • 3rd Place Brian Wood Avg Time 3.1418
  • Best in Show – Eli Atchley

Discovery Rangers

  • 1st Place – Ethan Bourhill Avg Time 3.0363
  • 2nd Place – Eli Harris Avg Time 3.1095
  • 3rd Place Jonathan Boulton Avg Time 3.1128
  • Best in Show – Issac Epting

Adventure Rangers

  • 1st Place – Brandon McCoy Avg Time 3.0765
  • 2nd Place – Todd Collins Jr Avg Time 3.0998
  • 3rd Place Will Catoe Avg Time 3.1580
  • Best in Show – Caleb Clark

Expedition Rangers

  • 1st Place – Levi Cooper Avg Time 3.0535
  • 2nd Place – Alton McCoy Avg Time 3.1162
  • 3rd Place Devin Brazell Avg Time 3.2322
  • Best in Show – Devin Brazell

17 And Under

  • 1st Place – Issac Dickson Avg Time 3.0480
  • 2nd Place – Baxter Dickson Avg Time 3.0618
  • 3rd Place Ashlan Dickson Avg Time 3.0633
  • Best in Show – Adaline Epting

18 And Over

  • 1st Place – Jeremy Atchley Avg Time 3.0297
  • 2nd Place – Troy Brown Avg Time 3.0820
  • 3rd Place Chris Clark Avg Time 3.0877
  • Best in Show – Mark Sneider


  • 1st Place – Caleb Clark Avg Time 2.9227
  • 2nd Place – Mark Sneider Avg Time 2.9548
  • 3rd Place Lindsay Dickson Avg Time 2.9600
  • Best in Show – Caleb Clark


  • 1st Place – Jeremy Atchley Avg Time 3.0442


2019 South Carolina District Ranger Derby

February 9th
10AM – 3PM Christian Life Church, 2700 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 29210, USA







2019 is the 33rd running of our annual District Derby!

This year’s derby is the beginning of something new.  Are You Ready?? 

Check back weekly for more details on what’s new for the 2019 South Carolina Ranger Derby. 

Ranger Kids Overnighter

The Ranger Kids Overnighter was a great success!  Commander Charity and her ‘Hobbit’ friends had lots of neat events, while Commander Jesse presented the Gospel with a “Lord of the Rings” themed skit.  Everyone went home with something special, a sack with some gems, a walking stick, and more.  Tell all your friends what they’ve missed out on and be sure that they plan to attend next year’s event!

If you have photos that you’d like to share from this event on the RKO page, please forward to RoyalRanger17@gmail.com