Commanders Meeting & Banquet


Saturday, November 12, 2016
Christian Life Church, 2700 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC  29210-5645

Meeting – 1PM – 4:30PM.  All commanders, pastors, GMA’s, committee members are invited to attend.  We need your input and ideas to make this district the best it can be.  We will review the 2017 calendar and all the changes.  Pow Wow will be discussed in detail and the new format determined with the new dates. Here is the 2017 Calendar.

Banquet – 5PM – 7:30PM.  All commanders, spouses, pastors, GMA’s, committee members are invited to join us for a time of good food and great fellowship.

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2016 North Carolina / South Carolina Ranger Derby Classic Results


Ranger Kids                                       Avg.               Discovery Rangers                    Avg.
1st – Logan Whitman  NC OP178        2.8418             1st -Elijah Mullins NC OP1         2.8395
2nd – Liam Bagley       SC OP49          2.8533             2nd -Keely Furr NC OP1              2.8465
3rd – Haston Furr       NC  OP1          2.8637              3rd -Joshua Bowden  NC OP150  2.9547
BOS –                                                                               BOS – Anthony Zampino NC OP 150

Adventure Rangers                       Avg.               Expedition Rangers                  Avg.
1st -Thunder Evans SC OP101        2.8518            1st -Eli Epting SC OP49                 2.8465
2nd -Favian Montes NC OP5          2.8615            2nd -Bryce Ballard SC OP26            2.8565
3rd -Alton McCoy SC OP55             2.8623           3rd -Nathaniel Willey SC OP20       2.8752
BOS -Corbin Stewart SC OP17                               BOS – Christopher Sneider Op17

Under 17—Non RR                       Avg.              Over 17                                   Avg.            
1st -Andre Hunter SC OP77         2.8513               1st -Greg Evans SC OP101        2.8223
2nd -Isabel Sneider SC OP17        2.8647               2nd -Richard Boggs SC OP55    2.8390
3rd -Secily Saccenti SC OP224      2.8997               3rd -Jerry Pinson SC OP101      2.8420
BOS -Isabel Sneider OP17                                      BOS – John Campbell SC OP49

Outlaw                                           Avg.               Fastest Overall         Total Time.             
1st – Chris Clark SC OP49            2.7123                  1st -Elijah Mullins NC OP1   17.037
2nd -Sydney Graham SC OP101    2.7423                 2nd -Logan Whitman SC OP49  17.051
3rd -Marcel Bagley SC OP49         2.7788                  3rd – Keeley Furr NC OP1 17.079
BOS – Isabella Tomasi NC OP221


If you have pictures from the event please email them to Commander Greg Evans.



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Official Social Media Sites

Greetings Everyone!

We have some new social media sites for you to follow for news and information.  The E-Pathfinder is our primary source for News and Information, but we are finding that not everyone is receiving this newsletter.  This could be because of email settings that are sending the newsletter to the SPAM folder, so please check your folder, mark it as Not Spam, and add to your contact list.

In addition to the E-Pathfinder, we have also a Facebook and Twitter account.  You can find them here:

Facebook – – –

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South Carolina Royal Rangers Patch Collection

We have put our District Patch Collection on the web.  This will archive our past events, and will be updated as new patches are made.  Look throught the collection to see what we have.

We will also have for sale the patches we have extras of, so keep this link handy.  If you see a patch that we are missing and you have extras, let Michael Keese know.  If there are no extras, then we would like to get a scanned copy for our records.

Here are the different catagories to look through:
Pow Wow
District Derby

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