2018 District Derby

February 3rd
10AM – 3PMChristian Life Church, 2700 Bush River Rd, Columbia, SC 29210, USARULES – SCHEDULE – REGISTRATION


Our District Derby is right around the corner!


District Derby Promo Video

2013 On Car Video

2016 is the 30th running of our annual District Derby! To celebrate we are teaming up with North Carolina to make this our biggest race yet.

This year’s derby initiates a important rule change concerning wheel lubrication. In years past we have only used black graphite, but starting this year, any commercially available wheel lubrication will be allowed. WARNING Sillicon or similar lubricants can cause plastic to melt if not applied properly, so look on the web for the best types of lubricant to apply.

Our derby coordinator is Greg Evans, OP 101, Trinity Church in S.E. Columbia. He is looking for a staff. If you are interested, emailderby@scdrr.org.
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2017 South Carolina District Derby


Ranger Kids                                       Avg.               Discovery Rangers                    Avg.
1st – Kayden Evans OP101               2.8820             1st -Liam Bagley OP49                   2.8888
2nd – Jeremy Gibson   OP101          2.8947             2nd -Zyrese Boular OP135              2.9058
3rd – Magnum Banar      OP17          2.9062             3rd -Nate Brazel  OP93                 2.9225
BOS – Ladon Cobble OP49                                        BOS – Zahari Calhoun OP 135

Adventure Rangers                       Avg.               Expedition Rangers                  Avg.
1st -Thunder Evans OP101        2.8772            1st -Alton McCoy OP101                 2.8682
2nd -Miles Wright OP101          2.8900             2nd -Matthew Gault OP101            2.8945
3rd -Landon Bagley OP49           2.8918           3rd -Garret Gwin OP135                2.9018
BOS -Landon Bagley OP49                               BOS – Braydon Kaylor Op17

Girls Ministries                       Avg.              Over 17                                   Avg.            
1st -Katlyn Knox OP101          2.9035               1st -Chris Clark OP49         2.8707
2nd -Audrey Coleman OP209   2.9097               2nd -Greg Evans OP101    2.8752
3rd -Adaline Epting OP49       2.9235                3rd -John Campbell OP49     2.8825
BOS -Adaline Epting OP49                                BOS – Danny Burkett OP93

Outlaw                                           Avg.               Fastest Overall         Total Time.             
1st – Caleb Clark SC OP49         2.7290                 1st -Thunder Evans OP101 17.2390
2nd -Chris Clark OP49               2.7882                2nd -Kayden Evans OP101 17.2850
3rd -Jonathan Boan OP135         2.7953                  3rd – Liam Bagley OP49 17.3470
BOS – Liam Bagley OP49

3 2 1



If you have pictures from the event please email them to Commander Greg Evans.



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