2017 South Carolina District Derby


Ranger Kids                                       Avg.               Discovery Rangers                    Avg.
1st – Kayden Evans OP101               2.8820             1st -Liam Bagley OP49                   2.8888
2nd – Jeremy Gibson   OP101          2.8947             2nd -Zyrese Boular OP135              2.9058
3rd – Magnum Banar      OP17          2.9062             3rd -Nate Brazel  OP93                 2.9225
BOS – Ladon Cobble OP49                                        BOS – Zahari Calhoun OP 135

Adventure Rangers                       Avg.               Expedition Rangers                  Avg.
1st -Thunder Evans OP101        2.8772            1st -Alton McCoy OP101                 2.8682
2nd -Miles Wright OP101          2.8900             2nd -Matthew Gault OP101            2.8945
3rd -Landon Bagley OP49           2.8918           3rd -Garret Gwin OP135                2.9018
BOS -Landon Bagley OP49                               BOS – Braydon Kaylor Op17

Girls Ministries                       Avg.              Over 17                                   Avg.            
1st -Katlyn Knox OP101          2.9035               1st -Chris Clark OP49         2.8707
2nd -Audrey Coleman OP209   2.9097               2nd -Greg Evans OP101    2.8752
3rd -Adaline Epting OP49       2.9235                3rd -John Campbell OP49     2.8825
BOS -Adaline Epting OP49                                BOS – Danny Burkett OP93

Outlaw                                           Avg.               Fastest Overall         Total Time.             
1st – Caleb Clark SC OP49         2.7290                 1st -Thunder Evans OP101 17.2390
2nd -Chris Clark OP49               2.7882                2nd -Kayden Evans OP101 17.2850
3rd -Jonathan Boan OP135         2.7953                  3rd – Liam Bagley OP49 17.3470
BOS – Liam Bagley OP49

3 2 1



If you have pictures from the event please email them to Commander Greg Evans.



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