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Chartering is the annual process by which Royal Rangers outposts register their membership for the coming year. Chartered groups enjoy a variety of unique benefits as noted below. Chartering also provides national, regional, and district leadership teams with valuable information to help them monitor the health of the program and shape its ongoing development and success.

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charter fees

South Carolina Chartering Fees

  • $11 per Boy
  • $13 per Adult


Chartering is registering members of your outpost with the National Royal Rangers Ministries. Chartering provides:

  • Important information to the national ministry that helps monitor and shape the success and well-being of Royal Rangers.
  • Support for the ongoing development and improvement of the ministry.
  • A solid financial foundation for national and district ministry and preferred benefits for chartered outposts.
  • Advancement of the important biblical cause of Royal Rangers to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.


Exclusive Charter Benefit
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charter benefits

The benefits of chartering are many. The greatest, of course, is that you benefit from the services provided by the national and district leadership teams as they endeavor to continually improve and grow Royal Rangers for local church success. The following list illustrates the many benefits of chartering available to you and your outpost.

  • 15% discount on Ranger gear when ordered via the Ranger Online Superstore
  • 15% discount on all national and regional training events
  • 15% discount on national and regional activities likeCamporamaRendezvousNational LEAD Conference, and more
  • 15% discount on district training events
  • 15% discount on select district Royal Rangers activities and events
  • Each chartered member of your outpost will receive a copy of the Rangers NOW newsletter, the National Royal Rangers Ministry’s official print communication piece.
  • Your outpost will get one free copy of the Outpost Promotional Kit, which is full of resources like promotional videos, reproducible touch cards, clip art, customizable banners to advertise your ministry and/or decorate your meeting rooms, and more!
  • Access to download Outpost Navigator, a data-tracking tool to record and track boys’ and leaders’ advancements
  • An official outpost number to wear on your uniform
  • Chartered outposts are included in the search results for the “Outpost Locator” search feature on the national web site.

As you can see, the benefits of chartering are huge! The discount on products and events alone should well exceed the cost of chartering.


All Royal Rangers outposts must be chartered and associated with a church affiliated with an eligible denomination or fellowship (below).

  • Home school cooperatives, boy’s or group homes, schools, and other organizations may offer Royal Rangers to their members if they gain the sponsorship and oversight of an eligible church.
  • Individual families may use Royal Rangers at home if they charter through an eligible local church.

Eligible denominations or fellowships include:

  • Category A – Assemblies of God: Please click here to charter.
  • Category B – PCCNA churches: Please click here to charter.
    • To see if your church/denomination is affiliated with the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America, click here for a list of PCCNA-affiliated churches.
  • Category C – Denominations: Please click here to charter.
    • To see if your church is affiliated with a denomination or fellowship approved to use Royal Rangers, click here.
    • If you are the authorized representative of a denomination and your fellowship is not identified in categories A, B, or C, you may apply for your denomination to use Royal Rangers. Your application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact the national Royal Rangers office for eligibility requirements and to apply (
  • Category D – Independents & Other Local Congregations:
    • If you are the pastor (or legal representative of your church) and your local congregation is not identified in categories A, B, or C, you may apply to use Royal Rangers. Your application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Click here to select your application. Contact the national Royal Rangers office if you are unsure in which district your church is located ( Please allow a minimum of 2-4 weeks for processing.
  • Category E – USA Direct:
    • The purpose of the Royal Rangers USA Direct Charter is to make the Royal Rangers ministry available to United States citizens and their dependents living overseas. By the nature of their life and occupation, these families lead a mobile life that necessitates a seamless Royal Rangers experience when moving from one outpost to another. The same denominations and churches eligible to use Royal Rangers in the USA (identified in categories A, B, and C above) are eligible to charter under the USA Direct Charter IF these churches primarily, and almost exclusively, minister to the USA ex-patriot community. USA Direct Charter applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To learn more and to apply, click here.

No church, outpost, or leader (from the US or any country, regardliess of affiliation) is authorized to take Royal Rangers to other nations. That is the sole responsibility of Royal Rangers International. If you learn of churches or individuals who are interested in starting Royal Rangers overseas or who need assistance or if you meet individuals who are interested in becoming involved overseas, kindly direct them to


Any church or organization that chooses to operate a Royal Rangers program or use the Royal Rangers name, emblem, or any program component names or logos must agree to the following standards:

    1. The church agrees to follow standard chartering practices for its Royal Rangers program.
      • Royal Rangers offers four grade-specific groups that are age-appropriate for boys and young men grades K-12: Ranger Kids, K-2nd; Discovery Rangers, 3rd-5th;Adventure Rangers, 6th-8th; Expedition Rangers, 9th-12th. Each group must have one adult leader, at least one assistant, and one or more boys to charter. All adult leaders and all boys from each group must charter.
      • The purchase of Royal Rangers publications and resource items (such as uniforms,TRaCclub, books, and accessories) does not grant chartering privileges with the Royal Rangers. Neither does such a purchase authorize the purchaser to create or enter a Royal Rangers association with other churches or denominations in the United States or overseas. The only way to use Royal Rangers is by meeting all chartering requirements.
      • Chartering is done online at
    2. The church must affirm the divinity of Christ; that Jesus is God, and that he is the only way for mankind to restore relationship with God. Jesus is savior, healer, baptizer, and soon coming king.
    3. The church must be Pentecostal, Pentecostal-friendly, or aware and respectful of all Assemblies of God doctrine and comfortable affiliating with a Pentecostal ministry:

Royal Rangers is decidedly Pentecostal. But as a matter of practice, Royal Rangers does not govern how autonomous local churches teach its curriculum. Provided the local church does not depart from salvation through Jesus Christ alone (see #2 above), the church is free to emphasize the doctrinal themes offered in the Royal Rangers curricula to the degree they wish. However, at organizational events, churches and individuals can expect a Pentecostal emphasis: the message that Jesus freely offers salvation for our soul, healing for our body and mind, empowerment with his Holy Spirit subsequent to salvation for a life of service, and hope of eternity with Him after His second coming. Any church choosing to associate with Royal Rangers accepts this and agrees to work cooperatively and harmoniously with the Assemblies of God and other like-minded fellowships who share a vision to mentor future men.

  1. The church and its leadership agrees to support and model the national Royal Rangersleadership standard.
  2. The church agrees to work in alignment with the policies and procedures of the Royal Rangers ministry and use copyright materials and trademarks according to our guidelines.
  3. The church agrees to serve in harmony with other fellowships using Royal Rangers and endeavor in word and deed to make “Royal Rangers the premier church ministry for next generation men in America, period!”
  4. The church agrees to purchase original/official ministry resources and gear from the national Royal Rangers office via its authorized outlets (;; 1-855-642-2011, customer care; and annual ministry catalog).
  5. The national Royal Rangers office strongly recommends that every church sponsoring Royal Rangers review and implement our recommendation for screening and supervision of adult leaders who work with minors. The local church is responsible for screening and approving adult leaders to work with minors.
  6. Royal Rangers provides quality training for outpost leaders approved by their local church. All churches sponsoring Royal Rangers will encourage each leader to complete his or herOutpost Leader Advancement Levels training within 1-3 years of joining Royal Rangers leadership.
  7. The church recognizes the right of the national Royal Rangers office to revoke program use and charter privileges from any church/outpost deemed to be in violation of national policy.

where, how, and when to charter

Chartering can be conveniently completed online from this web site (click here to charter online). Information can be submitted online and fees processed using the church’s (or individual’s) preferred payment card. The discounts and charter benefits are available 24-48 hours after online processing. For your ease of use, the charter information is stored on a secure database that allows quick processing in future years as relevant fields are automatically populated. You simply verify or update the information.

Those wishing to print a completed form and mail payment by check may do so. Please note, due to the additional data entry of mail in forms, an additional $15 processing fee will apply. Once the charter is processed by the national office, the discounts and chartering benefits will be available in approximately 24 – 48 hours.

The charter year is September 1 – August 31 (traditional school year) The charter-processing period will be August 15 – October 31 for all established outposts. All charter renewals should be submitted during this time (although charters submitted after October 31st will be accepted).

New outposts may charter at anytime of the year, and fees for their first charter period will be prorated. All outposts that have not chartered within the last five years will be considered a new charter. Outposts that have chartered within the past five years and submit their charter and payment after October 31st will not be prorated.

The only outstanding question is, “Should I charter my outpost?” The answer, of course, is, “Yes!” Chartering not only makes you a nationwide partner in a biblical cause but also offers you and your outpost benefits that far exceed the cost of the charter. It is simply more cost effective to charter than not.

For more information, visit our chartering FAQ page.

charter online!

Outposts may charter online. Online chartering provides many benefits including:

  • Almost immediate processing time, allowing quick access to charter benefits, such as product discounts through GPH
  • Increased accuracy of information being transmitted by eliminating the need for the information to be manually entered by the national office

For more information concerning online chartering, or to begin the online charter process, click here.

outpost additional enrollment

If you have already chartered but would like to add additional members to your charter, you may submit an “Outpost Additional Enrollment Application” by mail.  Since additional enrollment is not available through the online process, these additions must be processed by mail. However, the standard charter-by-mail fee will not apply.  Please follow this process to add additional members to your existing charter:

  1. Go to the online chartering page.
  2. Click the icon labeled “Mail In Chartering.”
  3. Select your district from the drop down list.
  4. Select the “Outpost Additional Enrollment Application” link.
  5. Complete the form and PRINT.  Mail to Royal Rangers, 1445 N. Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802.