Swamp Fox Chapter Website

Both Boys and Leaders 

1. Earn the following Merit Awards:

2. Explain the plan of Salvation.
3. Explain the meaning of the Four Red, Four Gold and Eight Blue points of the Royal Ranger Emblem.

Boys Only 
1. Be at least 11 years old and at least an Adventure Ranger.
2. Be recommended by the Outpost Commander.

Leaders Only 
1. Complete the Royal Rangers Basics Module of the LTA.
2. Be a Royal Ranger Leader in good standing with his church.

Both Boys and Leaders 
• After earning all eight required merits you have earned the Grizzly Trail FCF Merit Award.
• You are now eligible for the “Frontier Adventure”.
• Complete the FCF Application . This application, along with a letter stating why you wish to be a member of FCF and what you hope to contribute to FCF, must be submitted to the chapter president or his representative at the Friday morning formation at Pow-Wow.
• After successful completion, you will receive your Frontiersmen Pin.

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