After being in Royal Rangers for nine years now, I have finally come to the point where I will reach the highest level of achievement, The Gold Medal of Achievement. I have worked long and strived hard for this award. This is most definitely an honor and a privilege being one of the few to receive this medal. On my quest to this medal I was asked to write a paper explaining the value of Royal Rangers.

Royal Rangers is a program that brings in Christian boys and lost boys alike to shepherd them in the way of a Christian young man. I am a living product of what Royal Rangers turns out; I have become closer to God and more equipped to take on life. Whether it's going on a camping trip, witnessing, or just being with my friends I am always READY. No matter what may come my way I am always ready as Royal Rangers has taught me.

Royal Rangers is A program that directs a boy on the straight and narrow path. This program, to me, is just another tool that God can use to bring in the lost boys, and even their parents. I have seen it happen before. I would invite a friend and then he would find out how much he actually loved Royal Rangers. Then some weeks later I would see my friend in the audience at church standing beside his parents. So this not only touches the boys but also their families.

This program is definitely a program needed in every church; it saves the lost boys, and makes the boys already saved more mature in their spirituality. This program could be used in any church whether in a country town or the inner-city. It is truly the best program ever made for boys and young men. It can take any boy and make him into a man that God would cherish as a servant.

This program is definitely a tool that God can use in any church no matter what the background, and definitely not just limited to our brother's in Christ, the Assemblies of God. All those in Royal Rangers should encourage any of those that are not to come and be an active part. It can encourage any "red-blooded American boy" to be part of the local church. This program is extremely versatile to any surrounding in the world and will reach out to any boy of any age.

To end with, Royal Rangers is a God driven program for the boys of America and the World. With the right motivation and tactics, it could literally reach out and change a whole generation of boys to become Christian Men. And with that being said, it would affect our world in such a catastrophic way that we would truly feel the impact of God.

Therefore I urge every boy and man in Royal Rangers to spread the good news of Christ and of Royal Rangers of course.