Rangers has meant a great deal to me. Rangers has shown me who I am and it has also helped to mold me into what I am today. I am proud to be able to say I am a part of this program. This program houses great people, good times, woodsmanship skills, friends, and sound biblical teaching which may all be a guide to life.


The people in and around this program have always been great. From when I started going to Lake Wylie Christian Assembly until now the people of the program have greatly influenced me. From the assistants all the way to the national commanders all the men I have ever met involved in the program have been great men of God. I will be able to use the training these men have given me to live the rest of my life. We have learned about nature while maturing in God at the same time. I cannot tell how much I appreciate all of the men who make the Royal Ranger program possible.


Rangers has been a lot of fun over the years and I am sure it will continue to be. Between the campouts, lock-ins, Pow Wows, and Camporama we have our share of funny stories. We have had several broken tents, a couple of stuck vans, many bandana fights, and even a day old armadillo. Even though some of these were not funny at the time they are definitely good for some laughs now. Today I can look back on these situations and others and see that because of them I have grown tremendously.


I have not only learned a great deal about mental and spiritual growth but also a good bit about physical survival as well. I have learned how to make several types of fires, live off the land, and camp. I have been taught so much about nature and the wilderness. I have also learned a lot about people as well.


I have made many friends and I have had a lot of fun doing so. We have all laughed together at some point or another and we must laugh at ourselves as well. I have found Rangers to be a relationship forming and building program. This may be seen in the boys, in the commanders, and with God. I have learned so much about each of these relationships and these relationships have taught me a lot about myself.


Royal Rangers may seem like fun and games or perhaps just a diversion for some boys to keep them out of trouble. However, I believe that Royal Rangers is an awesome tool for not only spreading the gospel of Christ but also for showing boys a great love for God and equipping them with a strength to defend their faith. I have found Royal Rangers to be a strong piece of my foundation in God and it has been something to look towards for strength and guidance.  Royal Rangers has not only brought me to where I am but it will continue to carry me through life as I continue to grow in the Lord.