Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers has always been a huge part of my life and has helped me become the person I am today. I have been a Ranger pretty much my whole life and have definitely had some unforgettable experiences. Ever since Straight Arrows, I have been working on various merits and assignments to get to the GMA. During this time, I learned how to be a better Royal Ranger and a better man of God.

To me, being a Ranger is more than a class that I go to every week; it’s a part of my life that teaches me how to be a better person mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Toaccomplish this, you have to go through the program and work on merits and activities that teach you about the Bible, its meaning, and how to apply it to life. I remember when I was in Straight Arrows and Buckaroos that I was always trying so hard to get done with merits so I could move up to the higher class. I believe that this habit followed me throughout the programallowing me to get so much done so quickly. By completing all I have to earn the GMA, I know that I am a better person who can pass on skills and my faith to other Rangers, boys, and even men who lack the knowledge to live a Christian life.

Throughout my life, I have had many experiences inRoyal Rangers that have taught me valuable lessons and given me a plain old good time. I would have to say that my favorite part of Rangers is FCF (Frontiersman Camping Fellowship). I have always loved dressing up and building things, a big part of FCF. FCF surrounds me with interesting people who know how to have fun and fellowship at the same time. I have especially enjoyed all of the campouts because I love cooking over a fire and being outdoors under the wide-open skies. Camping provides a good time to be around other men and boys and lets you get to know each other better. All these great memories that I have experienced through Royal Rangers have helped me become the person I am today.

Earning the GMA is extremely difficult, especially when you have to put up with me, so I want to give thanks to the people that have helped make it possible. First of all, my Dad, Troy Brown, was the one who got me started in Rangers. Without him, I would not be writing this in the first place. He helped me complete the merits that I needed and found time in his schedule to help me do hikes, projects, and many other required activities. Bronson Turner was the commander for my GMA class. He helped me accomplish a number of hard merits and made the class really fun. John Campbell, my current GMA leader and Senior Commander, helped push me across the finish line and gave me good advice in the process. I have had so many commanders over the years who put up with me and helped me achieve the Gold Medal of Achievement. All I can say is thanks!