I originally joined the Royal Ranger program due to the urging of my older brother, Chris. However, after he left the program, I lost interest and quit myself I decided to rejoin when my brother decided to become a commander, but he quit that as well. Finally my uncle Chris became my commander and I, along with my cousin, decided to stay with the Royal Ranger program.

We went camping on several occasions, and though it could very frustrating, there were a couple of good times. I was taught different skills from lashing to tool craft to camp safety and cooking, but I think the most valuable lessons were the spirit challenges and bible lessons. This program offers great insight and understanding of God and His love for all. I've learned about how to care for others as well as be an example. This program teaches you to be a leader as well as a servant, and it offers guidance towards living a righteous lifestyle. It has taught me how to stand firm in my faith and avoid the trials and temptations of Satan. I've learned about the end times and how to avoid the lies and deception of false prophets. This is vital information to know since the end could be very near, and I will be better prepared.

The experience my family members have had with this program is a blessing. I, as well as my brother, my cousin, and my uncle, have learned much about Christ, and been richly blessed. I was required to do a leadership project, in which I and two other Rangers built two picnic tables for the church camp. I learned how to work with others and I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment after the work was completed. We did a great service for the church, and I felt good about it.

My brother won a Gold Medal of Achievement himself, and I know he put in a lot of hard work and perseverance to earn this great honor. I have learned that hard work brings its rewards, and I have learned that God honors those who serve and love Him. Through the Royal Rangers, I have learned about the amazing messages and life saving power of the Bible, and how it alone, God's Holy inspired Word, is a sure guide through the storms and challenges of life. God has blessed me through this program, and I have learned lessons that can help me throughout my life time.

I thank God for my Christian family and for the guidance they have given me. I also thank my brother, Christopher Privette, and my uncle, Chris Winburn, for getting me involved with this program. If not for them, I never would have joined the Royal Rangers, and I would not be as blessed as I am now. I thank them, as well as God, for opening the door for me to join this program. The spiritual blessings, as well as the achievements and accomplishments are astounding. The Gold Medal of Achievement will be a life long symbol of all the hard work and perseverance I put into this program. The Royal Rangers has taught me timeless values, and more importantly, it has taught me how to live for God.