Royal Rangers has been a part of my life for the last ten years. I first began Royal Rangers when I was seven years old and have loved it ever since. It has helped me grow in my walk with Christ. It has also shown me the right way to handle and to overcome many difficult obstacles life has thrown at me thus far.

Royal Rangers has also taught me how to be a good friend and to be a better person. Many of my best friends are or have been involved in Rangers. Christopher Tipton, who just recently has received his Gold Medal of Achievement, is now in his second year at the Citadel. Another friend is Matt Ferrara who is attending Trident Technical College studying in the field of Aviation Mechanics. Finally, there is Chad Singer, a senior at Northwood Academy. After high school, Chad wants to train to become a Navy Seal.

Rangers has helped me develop a wider knowledge in the outdoors. The skills I have learned and mastered I can use throughout life. I can still remember my very first Pow-Wow where I earned my cut and chop card and tasted Commander Tom Ferrara’s cooking for the first time!

I owe everything to the Commanders in Royal Rangers who have sacrificed their time to help me grow in Rangers and in my walk with God. Commander Bruce Link was my very first Commander. He was the one who took me under his wing and showed me how Rangers work and how much fun it was. The most important thing he taught and showed me was the true meaning of Rangers - to always keep growing in your walk with Christ. Commander Ron Upchurch was my Pioneer Commander and the one that truly pushed me to get my merits done and done right. Commander Tom Ferrara has been my commander for many years. He has taught me everything I know about camping from pitching a tent to how to survive with just the clothes on your back. In addition, he has helped me through many troubled times in my life thus far and has given me advice on how to handle each one. Commanders Randy Evans, Todd Ellis, Mike Singer and Andrew Halter are always up late at the campouts ready talk if you need them. Finally, Commander Dave Tipton has shown what it takes to be an awesome leader.

I would like to thank my family for putting me in Royal Rangers and for always being there for me both in the very difficult times and in the easy times. I cannot say that my life would be the same or as much fun as it has been if these people did not take their time to help me. I would just like to say thank you all for that.

My immediate plan after high school is to start working for Radio Communications of Charleston as an electrical technician installing two-way-radios in the military vehicles and police vehicles. In the spring I plan to hopefully transfer to Alcoa Aluminum to work for them as a hydraulic mechanic. I plan to stay local and to continue to be a part of Outpost 34, hoping to lead other boys in the positive direction that I have been led.