I have been in rangers since I was five. Over the years, I have grown in many ways. Some of which is credited to this program. Because I have never known life without Rangers, I do not know the kind of man I would be today if I had not grown up in this program. Also I believe that I can not, at this time, fully understand how Rangers has impacted my life. However, I do know that Rangers has helped me grow in four main aspect of my life: physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially.

Royal Rangers has helped me grow physically through some of the merits I have earned. One such merit was the physical fitness merit. In order to complete this merit, I had to do a number of exercises and stretches everyday for two months. Royal Rangers has also helped me grow physically through camp outs I have been on. Through some campouts, I have endured extreme heat, and on others, I have suffered temperatures well below freezing. Two excellent examples of an exceedingly hot camp out that needed physical endurance are Camporama and Pow-wow. At Camporama, which is in Missouri, the temperature was at a consistent 110-115 degrees all day. At Camporama, we had to walk everywhere we wanted to go. In fact, we walked so much that I could have earned my hiking merit if I had thought about it. Pow-wow was slightly cooler than Camporama, but it was still hot. At Pow-wow there were activities set up to test your physical ability. My favorite activity was the obstacle course. It tested a person’s speed, agility, jumping and climbing ability, as well as his balance.

Royal Rangers has helped me grow spiritually as well. This ministry is built around God. The commanders pray before any meeting ends. At every big Ranger event, they have a church service at night. Over the years, I have seen many boys and men saved, rededicated, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. At some of these events, God have challenged me. They also have instructed me on how to become a Godly man, and have instilled Christian principles in me. Until I get to heaven, I can only guess how many souls have been won for Christ through this ministry.

This program has helped me grow mentally through acquiring some skills that I otherwise probably would not have. I have learned how to throw a knife and tomahawk; how to load, shoot, and safely handle a black powder rifle; how to perform first-aid; and most importantly, how to write essays. I think that half of the merits involved an essay or paper. This really helps in school.

The final way that Rangers has impacted my life is socially. Through rangers, I have learned how to interact and communicate with others, how to be sociable with others, and how to speak in public in front of a large audience. Before I close, I would like to thank my mom for pushing me to this point. There have been times when I did not feel like continuing, but she made me any way. She has pushed me far beyond where I wanted to go, but in the end, it has helped me. At the time I didn't like it, but now I realize the good that came of it. I also would like to thank my dad. He has taught many of my Ranger classes and has attended as many outings as he could. By making God a priority in his life, he has set a Godly example for me to follow. I would like to thank all of the commanders for what you have taught me. I greatly respect all of you for volunteering your time to invest in me to become a man of God, for your patience in doing so, and for all of the sacrifices you make for this program. Thank you for all that you have done.