I have been in the Royal Ranger program ever since I was 5-years old. In Royal Rangers I have had loads of fun, learned very valuable skills, and grown in my walk with God. I am thankful for the many men who have put extensive hours into my life in order to make me an all around better person.

My time in the Royal Rangers has been an incredibly fun and exciting time. I remember my first campout. It was pouring down raining, but I had the time of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed every activity in Rangers, the Pow Wows, Joanna overnighters, FCF events, Pinewood Derbies, canoe trips, Outpost activities, etc. Pow Wow has always been a blast! How could it not be with that huge slide, the snipe hunting, and the fantastic pageants? I wholly enjoyed the interaction with other Rangers my age, along with those both older and younger than me. FCF has also provided some of the most exciting times of my life. When I went through Phrase II, I was challenged but I loved it. Now I get to watch all the Greenhorns struggle through Phrase II, struggling with some of the same things I did. There's one thing that always sticks out in Phrase II and as an FCF member, the singing. One time I was singing the Bunny Song (Little Cabin in the Woods) that I learned from Phrase n on my front porch. Some kids down the street heard me, and came up asking what I was singing. I said, "I'm a Royal Ranger, and this is one of the songs we sing." I explained the program and they showed great interest in Royal Rangers themselves. Through the various activities and outings, I have grown physically and socially while having fun in the Royal Rangers.

Everything I was taught in Royal Rangers has to a great extent improved my ability in all of the other areas of my life. In Straight Arrows and Buckaroos I mostly learned about God and grew spiritually giving myself to God at a young age. As I advanced to Pioneers and Trailblazers, I started to learn more about the great outdoors and the skills needed while continuing to grow deeper with God. At my first Pow Wow, I earned my Cut and Chop card, learned how to make the infamous foil dinners, and learned how to lash. I also learned how to embarrass myself trying to light a fire. Then Commander Tom stepped in and taught me that too. As I grew older, I was taught wilderness survival and some basic first aid. I also learned marching, saluting, and how to be part of the color guard. These skills helped me get ahead of the game when I first joined the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps in August of 2004. In the USNSCC I applied what I had learned in Rangers and impressed many of the senior cadets and officers. Also, I have had the privilege to teach skills I have gained in Royal Rangers to younger newer Rangers, the ones who will take my place in the upcoming years. I love teaching the younger Rangers what I have been taught, both in the Word of God and wilderness skills. My involvement in Royal Rangers has helped me to grow mentally improving me as a whole.

I owe a big "Thank You" to all of the men who have invested their time to nurture my growth. Commander Brian was my very first commander when I became a Straight Arrow. Joshua Robinson took me under his wing even before he became a commander, teaching and mentoring me until I was a Pioneer at which time he departed for college. Josh taught me color guard and marching skills in addition to growing in God and basic wilderness skills. While in Buckaroos, Commander Bruce Link kept me on the right path intensely improving my walk with the Lord and teaching me His ways. Commander Tom Ferrara has been my Commander for many years. He has taught, and continues to teach, me many skills I will constantly use in the future. He is a great outdoorsman and the best cook. You haven't tasted good food until you have eaten one of his meals! While assisting in Commander Chris Huss' class, he taught me things I never knew existed, like how space shuttles work. Commanders Todd Ellis and Andrew Halter have also mentored and taught me necessary skills such as advanced wilderness survival and navigation. Commander Dave Tipton has helped me learn leadership skills. As the Outpost Senior Commander, he has many tasks to complete. He often assigns tasks to me and the other Expedition Rangers knowing they will get done. Last, but certainly not least is my father, Commander Mike Singer, who has helped me be the Christian I am today. He has raised me through thick and thin teaching me what is right. Thank you all very much! The investments these commanders have made into my life have helped me to grow spiritually.

In conclusion, the Royal Ranger program has significantly improved my life by guiding my growth physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. My plans after High School are to attend the Naval Academy and after graduating proceed to Navy SEAL training. I am hoping to remain involved in the Royal Rangers during my Navy Career joining a local Outpost wherever I am stationed or possibly even starting an Outpost because Royal Rangers is a very important aspect of life and it brings out the best in both men and boys alike.