The Royal Rangers program has had a profound and long lasting effect upon my life. I have been a Royal Ranger for quite some time and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Through this program God has greatly blessed my life.

I joined the program when I was just eleven and I really didnít know what was going on. It was my best friend of the time that introduced me to the program. I know it wasnít an accident but the work of Godís hand. This program has helped me to achieve a relationship with God that an unsaved person could never understand. The way he has touched my life through this program no words can describe. I love the Lord with all of my heart and this program helps me do what I love best, and that is to serve the Lord. Had I never joined the Rangers I truly feel that I would be unsaved today. This program has kept me and ultimately has saved my Life. For this reason the Royal Rangers holds a great importance to me.

The medals and merits are nothing to me compared to what I have achieved spiritually. I have had the chance to share my God and my life with many new friends and to me that is priceless. I have all hopes of being approved for the Gold Medal of Achievement but this is not my main purpose for being a Royal Ranger, my purpose is to reach and be a friend to others and share the word of Christ with them. The Royal Rangers has taught me self-respect and respect for others. Through this program I have learned to be humble and never do I want to be arrogant about my achievements as a Ranger because God hates this kind of attitude.

I thank God that I have been blessed enough to be a part of this wonderful group-of Christian brethren. Thanks to the Royal Rangers I have seen many positive changes in my life as well as the lives of my fellow Rangers. God and the Royal Rangers program is my life, without them I would be incomplete. I wish I could share the joy and excitement I have experienced as a Ranger with others. I want to help others understand the splendor of this program and how through it God will change their lives.

In this world of sin the Royal Rangers is a vital tool for reaching our youth before Satan does. The value of the Royal Rangers is clear, it works and it changes lives! This is truly a program that builds character and strong Christians. I am sure that others can and will benefit from the Royal Rangers in the same way I have. The Royal Rangers, in my opinion, is the greatest youth group ever. During the 1998 Camporama I was able to experience the greatest phenomenon with God that I have ever had, if it was not for this program I would have missed out on this wonderful happening. This is a ministry that has touched and will continue to touch men and boys worldwide. The Royal Rangers has a value far higher than can ever be described by words. I thank God for the Royal Rangers and for all of the dedicated commanders on every level.