Royal Rangers has helped me to grow in many ways. It has helped me grow in the Biblical ways a boy is supposed to grow. These are mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.


I have been in Royal Rangers for four years and have come a long way from then to now. I have grown mentally in all sorts of ways. Since we have been doing the public speaking merit, I have gotten less and less afraid of audiences. I have learned also how to think and solve problems by myself. That has helped me in great ways like when there is a problem on a test, I can sometimes relate it to what I did in Rangers and solve it that way.


Pushing me physically is a great way to prepare for the real world. When I started Rangers, I had no clue how to make or how to light a fire even with the driest sticks and pine straw, but now I can make a magnesium fire (which is really hard), council fires, a-frame fires, and teepee fires. I now can make a fire just about anywhere. What I also could not do before that I can do now is pull-ups. Pull-ups were so hard for me when I was younger but now they are a whole lot easier. I have learned how to pack for a cold campout the hard way. When you go on a cold campout, or any in that matter, you should always pack pants and fleece is also a good way to keep warm. I have learned how to safely operate guns which was really cool. There is another thing I know now and that is how to write essays. There were a lot of essays to write for the Gold Medal of Achievement.


Growing spiritually is the most important way a boy can grow. I have grown spiritually with God in wonderful ways. I have learned how to pray with dignity and not just to pray when somebody tells you to pray. I have learned and memorized important verses about God and of the things He does for us. I have a personal relationship with God because of Royal Rangers. The most important thing I have learned is how to share the gospel with others so they can have great experiences with God like I have.


Growing socially has been fun. I have met great God-loving friends in Royal Rangers. They have always, and will always be there when I am in need of help. I love when there is someone new at Royal Rangers because I know there is another person to get to meet and tell about Jesus if they do not know already. I have not just grown socially with my friends but also with my commanders. They have been there for me and were there to pray with me when I needed it.


Royal Rangers is the best program that there is for boys to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. This program was also built to reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ and it has done that really well. I have seen a lot of people get saved for the first time at my age and that is awesome. Royal Rangers has a great value to it.