There are many reasons why Royal Rangers is valuable to me. It has given me a lot of self-esteem. I have learned many skills that I can use to survive in the outdoors, or even around the house. During my time in Rangers Iíve grown closer to Christ, with the help of my commanders and friends. As you can see, Rangers has aided me greatly in growing mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.

One reason Royal Rangers is valuable to me is because it has helped my self-esteem. Instead of turning to drugs, smoking, or something that would be detrimental to me, I have worked very hard to finish the GMA over the past twelve months. I am proud of all that I have accomplished over the seven years that I have been in Rangers. I have also met many good friends during these last several years, some that I will remember for most of my life. I am also confident that I have learned enough to survive if I were to get lost while on a hiking trip.

Also Royal Rangers has taught me to take care of myself, which is another reason that Rangers is of value to me. I have learned the proper care of axes, knives, and saws, and how to safely use them. Iíve learned how to prepare a fire ring, the proper way to build fires, and how to put them out. Iíve learned camping skills, such as setting up a tent, how to lay out a campsite and the correct way to dig a grease pit. Iíve also learned how to take care of my spiritual self, with the help of the many commanders I have met during my time in Rangers.

What has to be the most important reason that Royal Rangers is valuable to me is how they have helped me grow spiritually. Our whole purpose in Rangers is to reach, teach, and keep boys for Jesus Christ by providing them a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere. Also I believe that Rangers has brought me much closer to God than just going to church ever could. Church never sparked a true interest and understanding in missions, and missionaries. Rangers did. Rangers gave me the opportunity to meet missionaries, understand their missions, and gave me the opportunity to give to those missions. All of my Ranger commanders have also helped me by giving the boys and me a fun environment to learn about God, and His word. With devotions, stories, and even the occasional skit or two, my commanders have encouraged me in my growth as a Christian

As you can see, Royal Rangers has had a definite impact on my life. It has helped me to see myself through the Lordís eyes. I have learned many things, from camp crafts to domestic skills. Also, I have grown much spiritually, with the help and counsel of my commanders. Overall, the time that I have spent in Rangers has been some of the best times of my life, and the memories that I have of Mark, David, Josh, Joseph, and many others, are some that I will treasure always.