Over the years the Royal Ranger ministry has grown considerably as boys and young men alike have realized the value and caught the vision of what God has for their lives.  The true value of Royal Rangers is stated in itís purpose: to reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ.  All across the world boys, girls, and leaders are learning values through Royal Rangers that, not only will help them now in the present, but also as they grow in Rangers they will retain these values throughout the rest of their lives.  The solid character qualities as stated in the Royal Ranger Code (alertness, cleanliness, honesty, courage, loyalty, courtesy, obedience, and spirituality) truly make the Royal Rangers ministry one of the greatest ministries in the world to men and boys.


One of the main emphasis of Royal Rangers is to give a greater appreciation of God's creation through the application of outdoor skills and activities.  The program does this by teaching values through camping related activities such as: leaving an area better than the way you found it or how to conserve, use properly, and protect God's plentiful creation.


Royal Rangers can help develop friendships that last a lifetime and open opportunities through travel, recreation, and activities.  Through events such as Pow Wows and International Camporamas friendships can be started with people from all over the world.  In these friendships Rangers will encourage each other to grow in Christ so that they will remain strong throughout life.


Not only does a Ranger receive many excellent opportunities to gain knowledge and learn a variety of skills through the advancement, but he also is able to benefit many individuals through service and good deeds.  An example of this is the Citizenship Award which asks the boy to list ways he can become a good citizen or the Christian Service Award where it is required that a boy complete fifteen hours of Christian service.  The advancements teach the importance of making the golden rule a daily rule and helping others through service.


Two of the most important things that are learned are how to develop leadership qualities and a strong Christian life.  A heavy emphasis is put on leadership through the patrol system.  As a boy advances, responsibilities in leadership are added which help him mature.  The Christian life of a boy is developed through regular Bible study, frequent Bible readings, and prayer which is shared freely among Rangers.  There is a great spiritual renewal during the summer at Pow Wows which help the boys maintain a spiritual strength all year long.


I have learned all of these values through Royal Rangers and they have helped my life considerably.  I have been taught and received many character qualities through this ministry; but what I appreciate most is the training and opportunity to become a leader and an example to other boys.  I don't know that I could ever have acquired the confidence and courage to become a strong witness for the Lord if it had not been for Royal Rangers and the dedication of the commanders.  I believe these values will continue to help me through the rest of my life just as they can help the boys who come up through Royal Rangers in the future.  Once these values are learned by the boys, an elite group of men will rise up in service to God.