My name is Joshua Heiliger from Outpost 77, at Lake Wylie Christian Assembly. I have been in Royal Rangers since I was five years old. I will tell you about the values I learned by being a Royal Ranger.


The values of being a Royal Ranger is about camping and the Lord at the same time. When you go to Pow Wow's and Camporama's and every night all of the outposts come to an amphitheater or remote area to fellowship, to teach other boys about the Lord, and how they can be born again. The way that I learned in Royal Rangers is very effective at teaching boys about the Lord. They can reach out into the community to teach other boys about the Lord, just as it did me. Rangers reaches out to the boys of a church and community by its way of teaching. In Rangers I learned about camping and survival in the wilderness, so that I will be able to survive if I am ever lost. Rangers shows how the real world will be when the boys grow up and are on their own. Whether in the wilderness or in the city they can still use what they learn in Rangers to help them in tough situations.


I was first introduced to the Gold Medal of Achievement, by my Senior Commander at Outpost 241 at Cathedral of Praise in Danville, Virginia. It was there I met two young men wearing white hats symbolizing that they had received their GMA's. Outpost 241 also had another young man who received his Gold Medal of Achievement, after he over came difficult problems. He is now a Royal Ranger Commander for the Lord.


Now I am about to receive my Gold Medal of Achievement. I want to keep on teaching other boys about the Lord, survival in the wilderness, and how you can rely on the Lord to be their savior in tough situations.


Royal Rangers is the finest experience any boy can have. What I have learned in Royal Rangers has affected my whole outlook on life. My camping skills have given me the confidence to be able to reach out to other people. When I go to college, and even now I can reach out to other people in High School. I have enjoyed Rangers not just because of camping and learning about how to survive in the wilderness, but because of the Lord. Life is hard to live in this day and age. Sin is everywhere. God's grace can set us free. This is the main thing that Rangers focuses on. Rangers teaches and tells us how we can be born again as Christians and how we can witness and tell others about the Lord.


I believe that what has benefited me the most is how to camp and survive in the wilderness, while learning to depend on God. I definitely know that with God on my side I can accomplish anything, and without God I can do nothing.