Hi, my name is Matthew Jakab. I am here to tell you all about my experiences in Royal Rangers and how I achieved my Gold Medal of Achievement.

First of all, I wasn't always so motivated to work on my achievements. I started out not really caring about my work or what I was doing in Rangers. All that changed when I came into Discovery Rangers. My peers started to work hard and try for their achievements. That motivated me to try harder. So, by the time I was into Adventure Rangers, I was a hard worker. I started working hard at home to get extra merits completed as well as making sure my Bible merits were done.

Even when I wasn't motivated to actually get achievements, I still had fun. Most of the fun came through the four Gold Points on the Royal Ranger Emblem. The four points stand for the four ways a boy grows: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. The physical point was met by going on hikes, climbing rocks, and swimming in rivers. The spiritual part was achieved at Pow Wow and Camporama through worship and fellowship. The social part was met by being accepted by my patrol, outpost, and friends. The mental part was met by doing merits and learning about what God wanted to do in my life. Royal Rangers helped me to grow in my life.

Royal Rangers has had a major impact on my life. It has made me alert, clean, honest, courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient, and spiritual. These are also the eight blue points on the Ranger emblem. Royal Rangers pressed these points into me. The organization wants every boy to be able to follow these points without ever questioning them. A Rangers' life should be founded by these points because these points are the guidelines of life. All of my commanders have been a great help to me over the course of the years.

My Discovery Ranger commanders helped me find the motivation to work hard to achieve my goals. My Adventure Ranger commanders helped me pick up the pace, so that I could achieve my GMA through much hard work and dedication. At this point I have to give a special thanks to Commander Guyton and Commander Tarris for helping me so much. I could not have come nearly as far as I have if they weren't there to push me on, encourage me, and keep me working.

My service project was a whole other story. As most of you know, I served a meal to the Clover community through God's Kitchen. I raised money both at the Church and in the surrounding Clover Community to buy food for my project. When I put my plans into action, I got to meet many residents of Clover whom I had never met before. Many church volunteers and I got to cook, package, and deliver the food to the Clover community. This experience let me see what the world was like outside of my home and school. I had never been able to get out of my world but when I did the world was a whole different place. I was very grateful for the experience.

All my experiences in Rangers have caused me to become a better man in Christ and in my community. I have been able to grow in Christ by putting these points, that Rangers has taught me, into practice. I hope that others will follow my example and become better men themselves. Royal Rangers is a wonderful program.