I began in Royal Rangers in 1986 when I was 5 years of age.  My father has been in the program as commander for several years before I became a member of it.  I thought it was the greatest thing that had ever been designed.  From the very beginning I was taught how to love my fellowman, family, and church.  I was taught things such as the Golden Rule, the Lord’s Prayer, the 23 Psalm, and John 3:16.  The Bible studies and the scripture memorizing at an early age instilled in me the tools needed to become a stronger Christian in latter life.  It also, from the very start, put in me a firm foundation in the Lord.  I can still quote from memory verses that I learned in years back, in Straight Arrows.


When I began in Buckaroos my commanders started teaching me and introducing me to the “adventures” in camping.  In those “adventures” I learned about nature, campcraft, ropecraft, toolcraft, first aid, animals, and plant life.  I could honestly say that I learned more on Wednesday nights in Royal rangers than I did in five years of science class.


Through Rangers I learned how to have a lot of fun with very little.  We would play games as an outpost during our meetings.  We played every game in the book from “Steal the Bacon” to your easier relay games.


Further along through Rangers I learned about my church, community, and survival.  Most of all, I learned responsibility.  The advanced merits I earned gave a wide range of knowledge in various topics.


Through Rangers I accepted Christ.  Through an Assemblies of God event I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Through an AG affiliated service I was baptized.  Not only the Royal Ranger program, but the Assemblies of God denomination has had a great influence on my life.


Through the influence of Royal Rangers I became a better son, brother, friend, a better fellow man.


The Royal Ranger Code became my code of life.  The Golden Rule – my creed to live by.


My knowledge of the Holy Spirit and its power was obtained through Royal Rangers.


Learning how to be ready Rangers taught me how to be ready in life.


Many people share their testimonies, about being delivered and saved, but I can say as my testimony that with Rangers occupying my time I never had a chance to get into problems.  I thank God for that, and personally believe that is the best testimony you could ever have.


The vision of the Royal Rangers is to reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ.  The Ranger program reached, taught, and has kept me for Christ.


But most of all, what has touched me about the program is that the friends I had that did not have a father received through this program everything a boy needs that normally a father provides.  They did not have to grow up without someone playing the role of a father and helping them along the way.  The commanders are what makes this program a success.  This easily convincing – Rangers has had great value in my life.