The Rangers Program has represented many challenges and accomplishments in my life.  A few of these challenges consist of learning to tie knots, pitch tents, and to put up with Commander Ernest Cogdell . I have learned through the Ranger program how to take care of myself in the woods and in my spiritual walk. Rangers has strongly influenced the way in which I live my life in that I strive always to be "Ready" for whatever life may throw my way.

At this time, I would like to thank my parents and commanders for encouraging me along the way through the Ranger program. If these people had not taken the time to help me and encourage me I would not be standing before all of you today. Though at times, I really did not want to go on, these people helped me to see that Rangers would benefit me in the future.  Although the Rangers program was full of tons of work, which had to be completed, there were many fun times to be had.

While at camp outs, we enjoyed building fires and performing skits. I attended many Pow Wows where I enjoyed cooking for the outpost and locking Commander Ernie in the Port­ A-Jon. The trip that we took to Camporama was a blast with more than 4,000 guys from allover the country. I'm sure Pastor enjoyed our little armored mend we brought home from there.  The Challengers class with Kevin Comalander , which I am in now, is also rewarding. We learn about God, Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey , wood working, and many other things. The hiking trip, which our outpost took, was a lot of fun. It would have been shorter if we wouldn't have had to go back down and drag Commander Ernie up the mountain too. Several of us boys in the Challengers class went on "Work Days~' for Pow Wow. We worked hard, but still found time to fish in the river behind the camp site.

There were also many things that the Rangers program helped me to accomplish. The first thing that Rangers helped me to accomplish was learning how to take care for myself through the study of the Bachelor, Wilderness Survival, and the First Aid merits. The Ranger program has also helped me to grow closer to God through Pow Wows, the study of the Bible, and the God and Country series. Rangers has also given me the opportunity to prepare myself for the life ahead through the study of Carpentry, Home Repair, Cooking, and many other ways, too many to mention.

Although some people say that these things look easy, on the contrary, they are difficult and time consuming. These things, which the Ranger program has helped me to accomplish, have instilled a sense of pride into me for what I can achieve with God's help. In light of all that the Ranger program has helped me to learn and accomplish, I am pleased to declare that I have earned the right to say that I went all the way.