Nine years ago I started in a program that has greatly affected my view on the wilderness and the Lord. The Royal Ranger program has done nothing but lift my spirit in a way I will always remember. Royal Rangers has definitely reached, taught, and kept me for the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was at a Royal Rangers event that I entered His kingdom. Sitting around a campfire and hearing the Word of God is indescribable. Commander Richard Harrigan of Outpost 241 was giving the devotion around a campfire. The feeling I got that night that drove me to ask the Lord into my heart was without a doubt the Holy Spirit. I will never forget the 1997 District Pow-Wow, when Nick Heiliger's name was written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

As a five year old I became a Straight Arrow. Commander Hank taught me John 3:16, which has never drifted from mind. I have never forgotten that verse.  As an eight year old I grew into a Buckaroo. Jesus Christ and the cowboy theme brought into one. I learned the 23rd Psalm, which has kept me calm as I face life's many adversities.

I moved to a new church and a new town. Not knowing many people, or what to do, I was assisted by the man that one day would pray for me and lead me to the Lord, Commander "H".

While I was there I learned so many things about Royal Rangers. I learned about the GMA program, I learned how to build fires, I also learned how to build many things with just twine and a pocket knife. I learned things that are important to your safety, and also things can help save souls! The Royal Ranger program started me on a trail, God's trail, the right trail.

Rangers has taught me that even though you can be lost in the wilderness, without any shelter or any of the primitive things we all take for granted, that you can have faith in the Lord and all things will come together in the end. I have learned that God is our Shepherd, and that He loves us so much. Without the Royal Ranger program, there is no doubt that I'd be headed down a road that would end up most likely in eternal death.

When I think about all the things I have gotten out of Royal Rangers, I realize that Royal Rangers is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I also realize that Rangers is a great thing for the youth of now and the youth to come.

Royal Rangers has to be the greatest program for young people today. I remember seeing thousands of boys at an alter call at a National Camporama in 1998 come to the Lord. Hundreds of boys at our District Pow-Wows, and many in our Wednesday night meetings. Rangers is the one program that you can learn how to survive, how to keep from being lost, and help bring tens of thousands of boys to the Lord each and every year.