Royal Rangers has helped me in many ways. It has given me friends that I consider brothers, some of whom are older and had already gone through the struggles that I faced. However, the greatest help it has brought to my life is the guidance of the commanders that have helped me along the way. These men got me started down my path to become a Man of God.
My very first commander was Commander Dave. He guided me and taught me what Royal Rangers was about. I can’t just speak about one commander though; I have to tell of the other men who have helped me through whatever life throws at me. Commander Eric Hill taught me the biblical part of Rangers and showed me corners of the Bible I didn’t even know. Commander Andrew, Commander Randy, and Commander Dan, all great men, have guided me as Assistant Commanders in many different ways. I am now being led by Commander Tom. He is the commander that, if you don’t understand what he is teaching, he will gladly show you personally by example, even if it means having to survive in the wilderness with just about nothing. There is also Mr. Jim Meyers. This man has told me during my step into young adulthood that the most important thing to maintain during life is integrity. Next, I am thankful for Commander Mike. I don’t think I could write all the things he has done for me over the years on paper, they are so numerous! He has been my second father and has guided me down the right paths when I needed it most.
All of these commanders and assistant commanders are very big role models in my life. The biggest commander who helped me though, was my Dad. Todd Ellis has held my hand and walked with me every step through Rangers. I’m very happy that my dad stayed with me through Rangers, and I wish that all fathers would walk with their sons through this life-changing experience. These men that I’ve talked about provided me stepping stones into young adulthood. This was extremely important to me, and I have at many times thought about the things they told me while going through teenage challenges. All of the Commanders have shared their own special tools that helped mold me into a man. I am very thankful for all of them.

The second thing Royal Rangers has done for me is given me some good brothers in Christ. I can’t help but smile thinking of all the friends I have made. The first friend I made was Ben Singer. We have been great friends for about 8 years. We have definitely had our ups and downs, but he has always been at my side when I needed him. Then there is Adam Halter. He is someone I always look to when I need to do better. He can control his actions and words like no one else I know. Next there is Josh Tipton. He always brightens my day no matter how bad my day is going. He can always make me laugh and still has his own kind of guidance he can provide. I admire all of my friends and thank the Royal Rangers for them, since we have really grown up together. We have done so many things together, and I wouldn’t be the same without them in my life. I will always consider them not just friends but brothers.