The Gold Medal of Achievement (GMA) is the highest award in Royal Rangers. To earn this award, you must prove yourself worthy and complete several accomplishments. These accomplishments are designed to help you become a more complete individual. A Royal Ranger is alert, clean, honest, courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient, and spiritual. This helps you later on in life, as well as in the present. In this essay, I will discuss the impact on my life from Royal Rangers and the commanders I have been involved with.

Two of the many fun activities in Royal Rangers are camping and games. In Royal Rangers, camping is a great time of fun, fellowship, and learning. My personal favorite is sitting around a campfire and telling riddles. Camping is one of the best experiences you can have in Royal Rangers. I know it was for me. I also enjoyed many of the games that were played, such as canoe racing, firearm competition, and memory puzzles, because they helped me become more physically fit and taught me life skills that are forever useful. All could come in handy in certain situations.

In Royal Rangers, learning scripture is very important because scripture teaches about Jesus. Since the whole purpose of Rangers is to reach, teach, and keep boys for Christ, it makes scripture all the more important for Rangers to learn. Rangers are required to memorize scripture for certain advancements, Ranger of the Year, and their walk with Christ. In learning scripture, a boy may be asked to memorize the Romans Road. In doing this, he will be able lead other boys to Christ. The Romans Road can really help you. I know it helped me. Once, I was asked to lead a boy to Christ, but did not now how. After I learned the Romans Road, it became much easier. So, learning scripture is quite important. Even if it just helps you once, its worth it.

In Proverbs 22:6, the Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart from it." This concept is used in Royal Rangers to teach you in the way you should grow. Royal Rangers has helped me become more mature, skilled, and able to make better decisions in a Christian way. So, when I become an adult I can have a Godly family and be a spiritual influence. I want to have a Godly family and to lead many to salvation and eternal life.

Several leaders took their own time to help me in Royal Rangers with my GMA. They made it possible for me to be here right now. I want to thank Commander Al Blevins who first interested me in Rangers. Commander Glenn Sorrentino who encouraged me to go for the gold. Commander John Fisher who has been my commander for the past few years and helped me on numerous merits. Commanders John Campbell and Daniel Bradley who are my current commanders and have always been there for me to help with whatever I needed. Thank you all.

The GMA has been a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed all the merits and activities that were required for the GMA, though some presented challenges. However, God, my Commanders, and my fellow Rangers have helped me through. Royal Rangers has had a large impact on my life. I pray that many other boys lives will be impacted like mine.