To me Royal Rangers means to be an officer in the Lord's army. In the Lord's army, you need to do all sorts of things. For example, you need to witness, pray, and read the Bible. One of the most important things is showing Jesus through an example. You need to be a good example so that others can see that you are living for God. That way it is a lot easier to witness. In the Lord's army, I have learned to not speak badly about anyone. Then they don't get the wrong idea about Christianity.


Royal Rangers has always been there when I needed it most. The commanders are always there when I need them. When I need to pray with someone, the commanders are there. They were always willing to give up their time to help me get my GMA. My commanders are helpful when I just need someone to talk to.


In Rangers, I have learned discipline, honesty, obedience, and how to witness to others. I have learned to keep on going no matter how hard the road may be. For example, trying to get my GMA, I had to keep going no matter how hard the path looked. It has truly shown me how to live for God.


This ministry has given me the opportunity of a lifetime. It has given me the chance to make new friends, earn merit badges, go on cool camp outs, and learn about the frontier period.


In Royal Rangers, there are a lot of activities for us to do. There are really awesome camp outs like Pow-wow and Camporama. There are Pinewood Derby Races and lock-ins, too.


Royal Rangers helps me to handle my problems. When I have a problem, I just think back on what I learned in Rangers last week. I end up using what I learned sometime throughout the next week. God works in miraculous ways.


My personal experience in Rangers has led me through many places. I have been on a mountain hike that went up about two miles. On that trip, I learned that you need a lot more gear for a winter camp out on top of a mountain than you can even pack into a camping backpack. I had twenty pounds of gear and I thought that was heavy. Man was I wrong! That's not even counting the twenty pounds that someone made us carry. I won't mention any names but, Pastor Ernie. A very important survival technique that I learned was how to get all of your food strung up in a tree to keep it away for the bears and raccoons.


Royal Rangers is a key part of who I am. It will always be that way. It has had a huge impact on my life and I will never forget it. Royal Rangers has set me apart from other kids. It has shown me the path of God and what I am to accomplish in God's ministry.


I want to thank all the people that helped me through this. Especially my mom and my brother, Dustin, and all of the commanders.