What is Royal Rangers? Royal Rangers is a program for boys designed to Reach, Teach, and Keep Boys for Christ. I was first introduced to Royal Rangers in 1997, at the age of 6, and have been attending ever since. I’ve been a ranger for 12 years now, and I’ve enjoyed every year! There are eight points to the Royal Ranger Code and each point was taught from four different aspects: spiritual, mental, social, and physical. Through this code I learned how to be ready for life using practical skills on how to survive both in society and in the wild.

I have been taught how to be ready against the enemy’s attacks by being alert to the need for spiritual armor as stated in Eph 6. This includes being alert to my thoughts feelings and action, being alert to others feelings and being alert to my physical surroundings. Being alert to my physical surroundings came in very handy when on campouts when there are severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches. Being alert helps keep things drier and in their place.

I have been taught how to keep myself clean. Spiritually this is done by seeking forgiveness at the earliest possible moment from both God and those I may have offended. I can strive to keep my thoughts and language clean by monitoring input into my life. This includes TV shows, movies, music, video games, and friends. Clean also includes the physical body: bathing regularly, shaving, using deodorant, wearing clean clothes so I can be a joy to be around. The importance of keeping a camp ground clean and picked up during and after use was also taught.

I was taught to be honest not only with others but also with myself and God. I need to be honest with myself and God about my sins and my struggles so I can be fully open to God’s leading in my life. I need to be honest in my dealing with other people and in the work I do. Honesty is lived out by keeping my integrity intact by not lying, cheating, or stealing. Honesty is important in helping keep order at camp especially when it comes to food distribution.

I was taught to be courageous in how I face life. As a child of the King, I am an over comer. All things are possible to me through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13).

I have learned that the devil has no power over me so I can face all my fears and threats with the strength that comes only from God. I can courageously stand up for what I believe in without worrying about bullies even when things in the physical world don’t look good. At campouts we were taught to brave the elements.

I was taught about loyalty. A loyalty to God to follow His will even when it does not make since to me. Loyalty to church family and friends means not giving up on them; even when I don’t agree with them. It means sticking it out through thick and thin. It means not saying things to tear them down, but trying to say and do only those things that build others up. Loyalty at a campout is shown through keeping the whole group safe and intact.

I was taught how to be courteous by being polite, kind and thoughtful to those around me. I need to think about the spiritual and physical consequences of my actions. I need to try to think of others first in deeds and words. I need to live out being a gentleman and a knight in shinning armor to those around me including people I have just met. If we are courteous with each other tempers are less likely to flare at campouts after a loss of sleep.

I was taught the importance of being obedient to those in authority. First and foremost it is important to obey God. It is also important to obey my parents, my Royal Ranger Commanders, and pastors of my church. I was taught the need to obey and respect those in authority in the political world even if I don’t agree with there politics and even if I did not vote for them. I was taught that God has a hand in placing people in authority and prayer is important in supporting those in authority. I also learned the importance of rules, regulations, and laws and how they provide stability and protection in my life. I have also learned that I could and should participate in the process of choosing those in authority and in the making of laws. Obeying the commanders and patrol guides at campouts helps things run smother and allows for more fun time.

I was taught the importance of my spiritual development through a personal relationship with Christ. I learned that to keep my life on the right track I need to keep up with my daily Bible study and prayer. This has brought me closer to God. I have learned that my whole life should reflect my belief in God and not just my church life. By focusing on God and eternal things I have become quicker in sharing my faith with others. I have also developed a respect for the church both the physical structure and the people in it. Having spiritual principles taught in Royal Rangers gives everyone something in common no matter how different we all are.

Through Royal Rangers I have been given the opportunity to use my skills in being alert, clean, honest courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient, and spiritually minded. At campouts and in class time I have been put in leadership positions and given the opportunity to put what I have learned into practice. Royal Rangers has meant being a well rounded person, better able to face the world in front of me as I go off the college and enter the world at large.