Royal Rangers is an awesome program. There are many traits about the Royal Rangers program that are considered to be valuable. Although I agree with all of these things, to me there are a few of them that I would consider to be the most valuable. These things include the Royal Ranger purpose: to reach, teach and keep boys for Christ and the four ways a boy grows: physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. I believe that these things sum up the Royal Ranger program better than anything else.

Royal Rangers is a program designed to reach, teach and keep boys for Christ. The program does a great job accomplishing these principles in many ways. One is to get boys interest with things like camping, games, and extra time with friends. After boy's attention is gained and they start having fun, they get to hear about Gods word. This is a great way to reach out to boys and to teach them about God. After this, they are continuously interested in the activities like pinewood derbies, at the same time they can be around strong Christian examples like their commanders. This helps to keep them for God throughout their lives.

One of the ways a Royal Ranger grows is mentally. In this program they are taught abou being Alert and Courageous. They are taught to be alert for anything such as work, play, serve, and more. Royal Rangers has helped me to be alert by teaching me to be physically, mentally, and spiritually alert. Royal Ranger boys are also taught to be courageous in many ways, for example being brave in spite of danger, criticism, or threats are ways I have learned to be courageous. Royal Rangers keeps boys on the right track in how they learn mentally.

Another way a Royal Ranger grows is physically. Royal Rangers are taught how to be Obedient and Clean. Royal Rangers helps boys to become obedient to their parents, leaders, and those in authority. Boys are kept clean in body, mind, and speech. It is extremely vital for boys to grasp these concepts and to follow them to the best of their abilities because these are skills that will be used all through their lives, for example, I have already needed to use follow these things at home and in school.

The third way boys grow is spiritually. In Royal Rangers, there is much emphasis on a boy's spiritual growth. Boys are taught to be Honest and Spiritual. Boys are taught to be honest by not lying, cheating, or stealing. Royal Rangers are also taught to be spiritual by praying reading their Bible and witnessing. These things are very important to a boy's spiritual growth. I have experienced learning these things personally and have seen them come into effect in other boys lives.

The Final way a Royal Ranger boy grows is socially. Boys are taught to be Loyal and Courteous. They are taught to be loyal by being taught to be faithful to their church family, outpost, and friends. This means that they are taught not to make promises they can't keep, be places they are supposed to be, and more. They are also taught to courteous by being polite, kind, and thoughtful. These are things that all Royal Rangers are taught to practice at all times.

Royal Rangers teaches and emphasizes these principles so that every boy involved in the program learns and is taught to practice them daily. Royal Rangers main values to me are the Royal Ranger purpose: to reach, teach and keep boys for Christ and the four ways a boy grows: physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. These things sum up all of the values of Royal Rangers. Royal Rangers is a wonderful program.