What is the value of Royal Rangers? This is a question that I have been pondering for two years. Wondering to myself what does it mean; what is its purpose? Now as I write this essay I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what it means to me. For six years I have poured myself into the Royal Ranger program and for six years it has poured into me. It has poured wisdom, knowledge, understanding, common sense and Godly character and morals into my life. It has been responsible for helping to shape me into the young man that I have become. I have learned many lessons from my commanders by watching how they have handled lifeís curves. Through the Ranger program I have felt the feelings of joy as I have led a friend through the sinnerís prayer. I have felt awe and fear at watching God heal someone as I prayed with them. I have experienced the shame of falling in my walk with Christ and the happiness that comes when knowing that I am still loved by God and those around me. I have felt pain at watching a fellow Ranger that I had come to love pass away from cancer. I have learned how to lend a helping hand and to not judge when friends falter in their walk. I have felt the thrill of watching hundreds of boys respond to an altar call at Pow-Wow.

Royal Rangers has given to me a clear set of Biblical rules to live my life by. I have referred hundreds of times to the Royal Ranger code when giving an explanation of why I would not do something. Because of the memorization of the Golden rule I have stopped myself many times before hurting someone with my mouth or actions. Since learning the ABCís of salvation I have been given the chance many times to witness effectively to my friends and family. Knowing the Biblical truths taught in Royal Rangers has given me the strength to stand in the face of adversity and with the power of the Holy Spirit subdued it.
I feel that the Royal Ranger program is also a deadly tool in the hands of the body of Christ. Because of Royal Rangers hundreds, even thousands, of men and boys have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. I have over the past six years watched as hundreds of boys have responded to numerous altar calls. And each time I have cried on the inside knowing that some of those boys would never have heard of Jesus if it had not been for the Royal Ranger program, and I wonder how many more boys will not hear.

Trying to place a value on Royal Rangers is like trying to place a value on every person that has been impacted by the program. I know that the value of Royal Rangers is debatable for anyone who wants to take the time to think about it. But every man and boy who has had their life impacted by Royal Rangers know that the value will never compare to the price paid. The price was the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ the son of the Most High God.