Royal Rangers has been and still is a major influence in my life. Along the way since I entered the program at age four, I have learned so much about living the Royal Ranger Code, outdoor camping, physical health, computers, environmental science, rope craft, fire craft, and much more. I have been exposed to many of the ideals that we live by as Christians, and have learned the value of what it means to live not only by the Royal Ranger Code, but also to live a life that represents Jesus Christ.


I entered Royal Rangers as a four-year old. At that time, I participated in an unofficial Royal Ranger program entitled Tender Paws, and my very own mother was the commander. This was very much a foundation for not only my life, but also my life in the Lord. I learned many new Bible verses throughout the program, and was introduced to many concepts and beliefs of our faith. I learned most importantly, however, that God was in absolute control of my life, and that He loved me more than any other. I still remember that as a four-year old, I was able to understand in child-like terms the value of having a friendship with the Creator of the Universe.


In looking back on my progression through the Royal Ranger program, from Straight Arrows, to Pioneers, to Discovery Rangers, and finally to Adventure Rangers, I realize just how many people have inspired and helped me in my quest to the Gold Medal of Achievement. One prominent Commander, Dan Webb, was a terrific inspiration in my quest. He was versatile, had great knowledge, and was able to effectively communicate about the various areas of camping, etc. 


I finally reached Adventure Rangers, during middle school, and I met the commander who has perhaps influenced my quest towards the Gold Medal more than any other. Under his leadership, Commander John Clark has encouraged and helped me to complete the program. He has taught me how to camp and enjoy it. He has also helped me to understand many spiritual concepts through his weekly devotions and Bible studies. He has shown so much interest and willingness in me in my goal to complete the Gold Medal of Achievement.


Though not a commander, I can honestly say that my dad has been the driving force behind my success in the Royal Ranger program. Ultimately, I owe him everything for all the success that I have experienced in completing this program. 


Understanding the value of Royal Rangers is crucial in order to complete the program. Rangers learn the Royal Ranger Code, which is a guide to living a Christian life. In talking to a Royal Ranger, an “outsider” should clearly see how the Ranger is alert, clean, honest, courageous, loyal, courteous, obedient, and spiritual. A Ranger should live his life serving others, most importantly serving God. In doing so, he should live by the Golden Rule daily, and should be ready for anything. A Royal Ranger should live his life reaching, teaching, and keeping boys for Christ. Royal Rangers are the future leaders in spreading the Gospel around the world through this program, and they are responsible for living their lives according to God's standard. I have learned these values in participating in the Royal Ranger program, and I have gained a much better perspective in how to represent Christ in every way in my life.


I am so thankful for the time that I have been able to spend in Royal Rangers, and for all of my terrific commanders and supporters. I am so blessed that I have been able to not only participate, but also to  complete the Royal Rangers program, and earn the Gold Medal of Achievement. Without the lessons I have learned from Royal Rangers, I do not believe that I would have been as successful as I am today.