RK Overnighter

The 2019 Ranger Kids Overnighter is over for 2019.  If you missed out, you REALLY missed out!  The weather was exceptional for the outdoor activities on Friday night and Saturday.  The FCF guys did catch a bit of a downfall overnight, but they know that camping is always intense in tents!

Pics of the event below.  If  you haven’t shared yet, send yours to RoyalRanger17@gmail.com!

We painted treasure chests and found salvation through being shipwrecked on Sumter Island!

We had a devotional on Saturday.  Outside and Other activities included:

  • BB gun
  • Archery
  • Rope Ladder
  • Hawk throw
  • Water balloon launch
  • Water Slide
  • BGMC Derby Car Race
  • The ultimate obstacle course for RKs
  • Prize drawings.

We had popcorn and a soda for each boy during the movie Friday night as well as pancakes breakfast and pizza lunch on Saturday.

2018 RKO

The 2018 Ranger Kids Overnighter was a great success!  Commander Charity and her ‘Hobbit’ friends had lots of neat events, while Commander Jesse presented the Gospel with a “Lord of the Rings” themed skit.  Everyone went home with something special, a sack with some gems, a walking stick, and more.  Tell all your friends what they’ve missed out on and be sure that they plan to attend next year’s event!

If you have photos that you’d like to share from this event on this page, please forward them (or a download link) to RoyalRanger17@gmail.com so that they may be added below.  Thanks!