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How to Support SCDRR in West Sumatra

how to support scdrr

What is the Project Coordination Implementation Support (PCISU)? This unit supports the National Project Director and coordinates the Project Management Unit (PMU) at the national level. There are eight provincial Project Management Units (PMU) and 1 city. In West Sumatera, where SCDRR is being implemented, the Provincial PMU is chaired by the Regional Disaster Management Agency. Those are just a few of the different roles and responsibilities of the Project Coordination Implementation Support Unit.

Project Coordination Implementation Support (PCISU)

The National Development Planning Agency, the executing agency, has created a Unit called Project Coordination and Implementation Support (PCISU) to provide overall support and coordination of the programme in West Sumatera. This unit reports to a Project Executive Board chaired by the National Project Director of BAPPENAS. The Project Board includes the National Disaster Management Agency, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the UNDP.

The Project Coordination Implementation Support (PCIUS) for SCDRR supports project progress through four main outputs: disaster data and information system, disaster risk mapping, and capacity development of local government institutions. Various activities have been undertaken in the province, including disaster data and information system development, training teachers, and establishing a Provincial DRR Forum. In addition, the Program has implemented CBDRM in the Solok Province.

Project Assistant

A Project Assistant supports the qualitative team and facilitates the forward momentum of an undertaking in an organization. This position requires high level organizational skills and the ability to multitask among multiple ongoing projects. They also perform administrative duties related to the project. In a Project Assistant role, you may also work in collaboration with other assistants. Here are some job duties for Project Assistants:

The Project Assistant supports the SCDRR by providing administrative and communications support to the team. The position is responsible for entering data to facilitate project activities. This may include updating spreadsheets and populating templates. Other responsibilities include scheduling conference calls for project planning, as well as documentation. Project Assistants are also responsible for organizing files, formatting materials in accordance with approved style guides, and supporting internal and external communication. The project assistant is responsible for ensuring smooth and timely project implementation in the region.

Project Document

A project management plan is not the same as a Scdrr. It should outline a high-level project management plan, including high-level risks, monitoring and control, reporting, and escalation chains. Risk management plan should be a subcomponent of the project management plan. If the document is questionable, the project management plan must be amended, and the project must be stopped until the quality is acceptable.